Roll Call — Shannon Steele

Meet Shannon Steele, our newest Krewe Board Member and Parade Volunteer Coordinator!
Shannon lives in MidCity in the Bayou St John neighborhood.

How did you get involved in Krewe de Jeanne D’Arc?
After watching it my first year, I somehow came across how to volunteer. So, for next 3 years I was a volunteer. Afterward, I was asked to be the Volunteer Coordinator.

What aspect of involvement do you enjoy the most?
It’s such a beautiful parade! I love telling people about it and seeing the excitement of both the volunteers and the crowds watching.

Who is Joan for you? What inspires you most about her?
Her strength and determination. Being single for much of my life, Joan inspires me to keep pushing forward.

Who do you portray when we march?
Myself… but as some kind of knight?? Lol

What are you most looking forward to in 2022-23?
The new and updated props, possible sword fight scenes, and large volunteer participation.