This is the PUBLIC merchandise page.  Members and the public are welcome to buy pins, T-shirts, mugs, collector fan packs etc. below.  If you’re looking for throws, tickets, keepsakes and other members-only products, go here instead

Buy a pin/pendant from our parade marshal Rafael Monzon. Funds help pay for krewe storage costs.

Assortment of doubloons and memorabilia

Buy an official Super Fan collector pack of one of each doubloon from 2018, plus Joan of Arc coat of arms pin/pendant, St. Joan medal, and 10th anniversary sticker. All proceeds finance Krewe storage expenses.

Café Press

Cafe press tote bag with krewe logo
Visit our Cafe Press site to buy awesome swag with our shield logo, 10th anniversary logo and sometimes the Army of Artists or the Flaming Heretic image. It’s got every possible size and style of T-shirts and sweatshirts, plus mugs, glassware, tote bags, purses, cufflinks, aprons, lunch bags etc.  AND, the Krewe gets a kickback whenever you buy!

Krewe logo coffee mug with Army of Artists on the back