Joan of Art 2020

The 2020 Joan of Art juried exhibition ran in September 2020 at Ariodante Gallery in the New Orleans Arts District. 

Hear some of the artists speaking in a panel discussion at the 2020 Salon.

The Contest

The contest was inspired by our yearlong celebration of Joan of Arc’s 100th anniversary year of canonization (May 16, 1920) and is part of our ongoing commitment to continue to build our “army of artists”, one of the longtime favorite monikers of the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc. 

TOP TEN SELECTED ART PIECES: (in alpha order by artist):
1. Jane Brewster : “Own Your Joan” , Watercolor and gouache painting, 20 x 28”
2. Joan Cox: “Maid of Orleans” , Archival print on canvas, 16 x 20”
3. Joyce Hensley: “St. Jeanne d’Arc”, Acrylic on Wood, 10 x 15”  ***Judges Choice***
4. Alex Labry: “I was Born for This”, Photography, 16 x 20”
5. Rebecca Birtel Madura: “The Maid of Orleans”, Oil on Wood, 24 x 24”
6. Martine Miller: “St. Joan of Arc Stained Glass”, Watercolor, 9 x 12”
7.Karen Ocker: “Jeanne d’Arc” , Oil Painting on Board, Framed w/ Antique Cast Iron Fireplace, 18 x 27”
8. Saegan Swanson: “Joan of Arc with Battle Standard”, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas , 30 x 24”
9. Saegan Swanson: “Joan of Arc in Bronze and Teal”, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 30”
10. Kristen Wheeler: “St. Jeanne d’Arc–Modern Iconography”, Acrylic and Gouache, Ink,5 x 7”

Thank you to the Arts Council of New Orleans for helping us to promote this and encourage this, and to our partner Laurie Reed at Ariodante Gallery for making this a very inviting and exciting contest! This simply would not have been possible without her enthusiasm, support, expertise, and generosity.

MERCI BEAUCOUP TO OUR JUDGES: artists Susan Gisleson, Simon Hardeveld, and Jacques Soulas, and NOMA docent Jillian Richman, who also deserve a robust round of applause for thoughtfully reviewing all of the submitted work and being so sincere and serious about the entire process from start to finish, including helping to shape the official call to artists. They each took this role to heart, and were all honored to be asked. Fun Facts: Susan made our first two Joan of Arc Parade banners circa 2009, still in use; Simon is our reigning King Charles VII; Jacques is a former Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc King who handed out prints of his painting of the Joan of Arc statue during his reign in 2014 (and continues to be a faithful krewe member); and Jillian is one of our longest-running (walking) krewe members who portrays St. Catherine in our parade.

Joan of Art Selections