Maid of Honor Contest

2020 Maid of Honor Zoe Kanga from Lusher.

There will NOT be a Maid of Honor contest for 2021.  Please apply next year!  We will extend eligibility to age 20 for next year so no one misses her chance.

The Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc announces its annual student Joan of Arc competition for young women in New Orleans. The winner will be chosen to portray Joan on horseback in the annual New Orleans St. Joan of Arc parade on January 6 in the French Quarter. This contest is modeled after the contest held annually in Orléans, France, when they select a local girl to lead their military parade celebrating Joan’s victorious lifting of the siege of Orléans from the British in 1429.

2019 Maid of Honor Alyssa Fortier

FREE TO ENTER and to parade as the Maid of Honor: There is no fee to enter the contest. The Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc will provide the majority of the costume and free horse and parade training/riding lessons for the selected Joan. If applicants do have previous riding experience, please let us know. (The student may need to provide some clothing like thermal underwear beneath the costume.)

Eligibility: This contest is open to young women residents of Orleans or Jefferson parishes, 16-19 years old (the ages of Joan’s most notable feats and trial), who have shown unique leadership abilities and are currently or have recently studied French in high school, college, or at home. (The candidate must be able to speak some French in conversation and be able to represent Joan for media opportunities, public presentations, and at the parade). This contest does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ancestry or creed. The three top candidates will receive a brief phone interview to assess French fluency, confidence and leadership abilities.

2010 MaidBlair Davis

2010 Maid Blair Davis

DEADLINE: November 15, 2021


  • Winner must be available to meet the krewe at the coronation party 
  • Winner must be available to ceremonially crown the king at the pre-parade banquet 
  • Winner must be available to lead the Krewe of Saint Joan of Arc procession at 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 6th, 2022.
  • Winner must be available to attend at least one training/orientation session with horse trainer prior to parade.
  • Winner must be available to attend one krewe meeting/gathering prior to parade to meet krewe members, receive costume, and prepare for the parade.
  • Winner must be available (pending school and other obligations) for Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc Court press conference, and any related t.v. and radio appearances.
  • Past Maids of Honor include: Zoe Kanga (2020), Alyssa Fortier (2019), Martha Pinney (2018), Heloise Trumel (2017), Margaux Schexnider (2016), Emma Martello (2015), Clara Bajeux (2014), Gretchen Neuenhaus (2013), Aggie Bell (2012), Mallory Young (2011) and Blair Davis (2010).
  • Questions:
King crowning photo

2012 Maid Aggie Bell crowns our 2012 King Charles VII, Damien Regnard at the king cake ceremony at the end of the parade


2013 Maid of Honor Gretchen Neuenhaus