Joan of Arc modified WWI poster Joan wants YOU for our Army of ArtistsMembership is open for 2020! Membership prices increase on May 30 (Joan’s Feast Day), Nov. 1 (All Saints Day) and Dec. 1.

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Two types of Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc membership:

Full Members: Full members “Officers” walk in the parade portraying medieval French townspeople and characters associated with Joan’s story. They choose and provide their own costumes (help available!), and they hand out favors (“throws”) to the crowd. Our standard throws, matchbooks, tea light candles, and prayer cards are included with membership, and most members create or provide additional throws. Membership dues are essential for us to finance the parade expenses such as parade permits and musicians. View pricing from $125.  Individual members of pre-approved groups: sign up here! (Skinz-N-Bonez, Marian Servants, Chorus Girls, Muff-a-Lottas, Maison de Ponce, Maison de Monzón and Friends, and Caravella Squad)  School groups: sign up here.

Foot Soldier Members. (FREE Volunteers, adults) Foot soldiers handle important parade functions like walking security and carrying banners.  They do NOT give hand out throws, so they can focus on their assigned task.  Foot soldiers are included in member events and are loaned a basic medieval costume, which must be picked up in advance.  Foot soldiers may sign up with friends and may request to be assigned to parade tasks near fellow foot soldier friends or full member friends. We do our best to keep friends together but ultimately the foot soldier’s job is to go where needed. 2020 Foot Soldier Member sign up is ready!  Enlist here!

Angels and Acolytes. (100 Angels for Joan’s 100th, free, ages 16-19). Special for 2020 only!  We’re inviting 100 young women the same as Joan when she led the French army to portray angels to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Joan of Arc.  We’re also inviting 20 young men to portray medieval acolytes, guarding the angels and carrying our saint statue.  Sign up here to be an angel or acolyte.


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