Joan of Arc modified WWI poster Joan wants YOU for our Army of ArtistsMembership is open for 2025! Join now to be part of our traditional French Quarter walking parade on Joan’s birthday and Twelfth Night, January 6, 2025.  

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Two types of Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc membership:

Full Members: Full members “Officers” will portray medieval French townspeople and characters associated with Joan’s story in our walking parade. They choose and provide their own costumes (help available!)  and work with krewe leaders to choose their parade roles. Our full members are our creative and financial core. Membership dues are essential for us to finance our year-round activities as well as parade expenses such as parade permits and musicians. View pricing from $125. 

Foot Soldier Members. (FREE Volunteers, adults) Our “Foot Soldier” wear simple medieval costumes provided by the krewe and make our parade possible by carrying banners, shepherding props, and walking security. Our Foot Soldier members ARE invited to all krewe events and may purchase event tickets and keepsakes. Sign up here. Must be 16 or older. Join our email list to stay in the loop. Foot soldiers wear an assigned costume, walk in an assigned section of the parade, and do NOT hand out throws. If you want to choose your own costume and hand out throws, you need to purchase a full membership.

Groups: Individual members of pre-approved groups sign up here: Skinz-N-Bonez, Chorus Girls, Muff-a-Lottas, Maison de Monzón and Friends (Rafael Monzon), Knights of Orléans (Dottie Watson), Caravella Squad (Chris Caravella), Amazons, NOLA Angels, VFW Women Warriors, your sign-up IS open for 2025 here. School groups, your sign-up is open here.

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