Joan of Art 2021

The 2021 Joan of Art juried exhibition was on display throughout September 2021 at Ariodante Gallery in the New Orleans Arts District. 

The Contest

Our second annual juried Joan of Art exhibition in partnership with Ariodante Gallery and part of our ongoing commitment to continue to build our “army of artists”, one of the longtime favorite monikers of the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc. 

Judges Top Choices:

  • First Place: “Joan with Gold” by Cora Barhost.   Baton Rouge, LA.
  • Second Place: “My Own Joan” by Joy Suzanne Grazer.  New Orleans, LA.
  • Third Place: “Championess of Orleans” by  Phillip Britt. Waggaman, LA.

Judges’ Selections:

  • “Untitled” by Juane Jaimes. Mandeville, LA. 
  • “In the Midst of Chaos” by Carole Turner. Prairieville, LA.
  • “St. John the Baptist” by Deanne Larmeau. Metairie, LA.
  • “Shrine to St. Jeanne” by Adele Elliott.  Columbus, MS.
  • “You Go Girl” by Lesley Nash.  New Orleans, LA.
  • “Unafraid” by Kaycie Surrell. New Orleans, LA. 
  • “Joan” by NOLA Angels.  Harahan, LA.

Top Artist Profiles

First Place: Cora Barhorst. Cora Barhorst is a Louisiana artist who uses her skill at portraiture to capture famous faces and inspirational figures in her paintings. Her work is a reflection of her personal energetic style and creativity in using all different colors and symbolism to capture to the story of each different subject of her paintings. View more of her work and full bio at

Second Place: Joy Suzanne Grazer.  In place of a traditional bio, Joy Suzanne asked that we include a Buddhist poem she composed.

We Do Not Need To Change Ourselves

No improvement requisite

Today are You

A respite, Dear Exquisite

Admission implicit

Third Place: Phillip Britt: Phillip received his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Art in Mass Media Art at Grambling State University. To be of service, he became certified to teach Art to elementary, middle school, and high school students. He states that his art is “a manifestation of the knowledge I have gained through learning and observation.” Phillip resides in Waggaman, Louisiana with his wife, two sons, and daughter.

About the Joan of Art Juried Art Exhibition

The Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc has created another project within their organization, The Joan of Arc Project, that showcases local artists and love of Joan of Arc through creative expression.

The top ten selected artists are given the opportunity to display at Ariodante Art and Craft Gallery at 535 Julia Street, New Orleans, throughout the month of September.  The gallery will host an all-day opening on Saturday, September 4, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Masks will be required, and there will be limited capacity in the gallery per hour to ensure social distancing. All are invited to come in person to view the Joan of Art contest winners, meet the artists, and purchase artwork, which will remain up in the gallery until September 30, 2021.

Owned and operated by Laurie Reed and Deyette Danford, Ariodante Gallery opened on Julia Street in 1990 and is “an exhibition space and shop featuring a diverse range of artworks, made locally and constantly changing.”

Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc’s largest and most visible creative endeavor, The Joan of Arc Parade, has been presented since 2009.  The “Joan of Art Contest” was born in early 2020, as part of the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc’s yearlong multifaceted centennial celebration of Joan of Arc’s canonization (1920).  The art contest is a chance for the krewe to continue to broaden its “army of artists” and encourage more appreciation and reflection on the iconic Maid of Orléans, considered the “unofficial” patron saint of New Orleans.

Judges of the 2021 contest were local painter Jacques Soulas, local artist Susan Gisleson, and NOMA docent and longtime Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc member Jillian Richman. 

The top three winners are offered a complimentary krewe membership in addition to the opportunity to display and sell at Ariodante. The top ten selected artists are offered the opportunity to display and sell at Ariodante for the month of September; in some cases, Ariodante has invited Joan of Art artists to sell additional work. Two of the 2020 selected artists continue to sell at Ariodante. 

Artwork from the contest is also reviewed by krewe leaders for potential new artwork to be used in parade favors, including prayer cards, jewelry, and more, as well as for more images of Joan for event promotions and other krewe imagery. 

In these ways, the contest serves as an incubator for local artists and a unique way for people to learn more about Joan of Arc and celebrate her creatively, fulfilling the Joan of Arc’s Project mission to  “honor and celebrate Joan of Arc’s life in unique, artistic, and educational ways.”  The krewe “seeks to keep Joan’s story and spirit alive by hosting events, workshops, and presentations that illuminate Joan’s heroism and timelessness, while connecting her to the French heritage and pride of New Orleans.”

Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc members last year’s show opening in medieval costume, adding a new component to Julia Street’s monthly art openings.  This year’s gallery opening promises the same joyful welcome from Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc members in costume, with parade and Salon de Jeanne d’Arc information available at the gallery alongside Joan of Art pieces throughout the month of September.

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