Parade Line-Up

PARADE LINE-UP Herald Trumpets BIRTHDAY BATTALION Jesters carrying giant birthday cake International School Stilt Walkers DOMRÉMY-LA-PUCELLE BATTALION Hometown and childhood French immersion school partners Wooden sheep pulled by shepherds Young Joan character Maypole dancers (Krewe des Fleurs) VOICES OF JOAN BATTALION: Joan hears God through 3 saints Listening Joan Saint Catherine (wheel) Saint Michael (cloud), & Saint Margaret (dragon: Adversaire) and Members portraying the Medieval church LADY'S KNIGHTS AUIXILIARY BATALLION (knights in support of The Lady, Joan) Cities Joan Liberated Flag Corps by NOLA Angels Warrior Joan Butterflies following Joan’s Banner Joan’s Scottish Allies: Bagpipes by Kilts of Many Colors Army of Orleans Stick pony cavalry Knights members Cannon and Gates of Orleans wall ORLÉANS BATTALION: the grateful people of Orléans, France, celebrate their rescue from siege, Joan’s first victory and the turning point for the French to defeat the English in the Hundred Years War ROYAL BATTALION King’s Band medieval/brass Maid of Honor King Charles VII Queen Yolande JOAN ON TRIAL BATTALION Skinz-N-Bonez bones gang as Joan and her murderous judges Bishop Cauchon pig puppet (pun on the French word for pig) FLAMING HERETIC BATTALION Flaming Heretic Joan Muff-a-ottas as Dancing Flames RESTORATION BATTALION Re-Trial: Joan is declared innocent People demand justice for Joan Trial Witnesses Cathedral Windows Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral Church Bells ring out in joy Pike Troop Jeanne d’Arc from Orleans, France Orléans Cathedral New Orleans Rotary and Orléans Sister City delegation SAINT JOAN BATTALION Saint Joan with soaring dove Chorus Girls Dance Group Blessed Joan Statue with processional canopy LEGACY BATTALION Women Warriors Sistahs Changing Lives Amazons Golden Joanie on the Pony