Logo for the 100th anniversary of the canonization of St. Joan of Arc

The #StJoan100 Task Force (started by the Joan of Arc Project / Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc) is a community organization coordinating events across the community and throughout the year 2020 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the canonization of New Orleans’ unofficial patron saint, Joan of Arc.  Sign up to get involved with the planning task force. Here are some projects and events in the works:

  • May 15-June 22 Joan of Art Film Fest Fridays — watch a different film each week (we provide free links to most of them) and join us for the Zoom discussion on Fridays at 8 p.m.
  • Joan of Art Juried Art Show contest — Deadline July 17. Selected original Joan of Arc artworks will be considered for a gallery show at Ariodante Gallery in the New Orleans Arts District as well as other exhibits and promotions of the art pieces. The show will run through September with a gallery opening Sept. 5. A call for artists was issued through the New Orleans Arts Council.  View the call and submit here. 
  • Week of May 26-May 31 St. Joan Altars #StJoan100  Create your own St. Joan altar, display or pop-up artwork honoring St. Joan. It could be as simple as a picture of Joan and some flowers in your home or as bold as a giant sword in your front yard proclaiming “I am not afraid.”  It could be spiritual or channel St. Joan’s warrior woman superpower. Or both. Consider putting your display somewhere others can see it too, such as on your front porch, to help raise awareness of St. Joan.  Post your pic to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram #StJoan100 anytime this week and help us spread the word!  Stop by Captain Amanda’s house (the krewe den) at 7828 Burthe St. to pick up a FREE laminated 11×17 St. Joan 100 sign to label your outdoor Joan display (504-940-4976).  Or download it for 8.5×11 to print yourself.
  • May 29 Giant wreath laying — We’re making a giant wreath to lay at the Joan statue.  We need help making giant flowers for the wreath!
  • May 30: The feast day (death day) of St. Joan of Arc
    • 5:30 p.m. Public ecumenical celebration prayer service honoring Joan. Virtual: Zoom link for the public prayer service.  The service will offer readings, poetry, song, personal sharing, a celebration of St. Joan, and a litany of other women saints who inspire us in similar ways to St. Joan. The prayer service will be facilitated by Sister Alison McCrary, SFCC. Sister Alison is also a member of the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc and portrays Joan listening to God’s voice in the annual Joan of Arc parade.  You’re invited to wear white, light a candle near your computer, and bring a picture of Joan or something that reminds you of Joan.
    • 6 p.m. Feast Day party for Krewe members and prospective members. Usually our krewe celebrates the feast day of St. Joan of Arc with a party at the Beauregard-Keyes House and a procession to the Joan ofArc statue.  This year we’ll be doing that virtually.  Tune in via Zoom (Feast Day Party Zoom link
  • September 19: Salon de Jeanne d’Arc (virtual, with an option to attend in person)  Keynote speaker New York Times best selling poet David Elliott discussing his new poem novel “Voices: The Final Hours of Joan of Arc.”  Also featuring performance readings of female medieval poet Christine Pizan’s Joan of Arc poem with a lecture by Loyola French literature professor Thomas Martin.
  • Ongoing: T-shirts and other products with our StJoan100 and our Fearless Joan quote images
  • Ongoing St. Joan Face Masks for sale (finished or sew-it-yourself, while supplies last)
  • Ongoing: 100 Images of Joan Social Media campaign
      • If you see St. Joan popping up anywhere around New Orleans, snap a pic and submit images through the website
      • We’d especially like to collect photos of artwork depicting Joan in area churches and public spaces, so if you know of any places with Joan statues, stained glass or other art, snap a photo and submit it
      • Other categories: Joan art by local artists, photographs of people costumed as Joan, Joan art displayed in New Orleans homes, Joan throws produced by the krewe, children’s art, posters, stuff in shops, etc.

Past Events

  • January 6, 2020: The annual Joan of Arc Parade will take place on Joan’s birthday and Twelfth Night as usual.  To celebrate the 100th, special features of the parade includede:
    • A new St. Joan statue to be carried in classic medieval saint procession style on a litter with a canopy
    • One-year-only 100th anniversary doubloons and playing cards.
  • February 7 and 9: The New Orleans Opera will produce Tchaikovsky’s Joan of Arc opera.