Parade Instructions – Royal Entourage

Before the parade: Line-Up Instructions

  • Arrive at THE STARTING POINT AT BIENVILLE and N. FRONT STREET (Premium Parking Lot #402 or 300 N. Front Street for GPS, map) by 5:45 p.m.  
  • Royal entourage members do NOT need to check in at the check-in desk. Go straight to the royal pedicabs and get your wristband from your royal.
  • Park in Premium Parking Lot #402, carpool is encouraged. Reserve a parking space.
  • Arrive in costume ready to parade. There is nowhere to store anything at the line-up or to change clothes. 
  • Don’t ruin your costume!  No modern coats, purses or bags on top your costume.  Weather is looking really good this year!
  • Hold off on the drinking until after the parade.
  • Bathrooms at the line-up are in Canal Place or Jax Brewery shopping center

Your job during the parade

  • We are all performers. Help us create a spectacular experience for our crowd!
  • Once the parade starts, keep your cell phone or camera put away

Parade end and after

  • The parade ends around 8:45 at Oscar Dunn Park (the sidewalk amphitheater across from Jackson Square, formerly called Washington Artillery Park).  The king cake and crowning ceremony at ODP is the finale, and the parade then disbands. 
  • When the royal entourage and the royal pedicabs arrive at the park, the King and Queen will dismount and wait at the bottom near the giant birthday cake until they are called to ceremonially process up to the landing for the king cake ceremony.
  • The royal ENTOURAGE, should NOT wait at the bottom. The royal entourage should station themselves near the landing to watch the king cake ceremony.
  • Process with your group up the center steps to the top of Washington Artillery Park.
  • After the king cake ceremony, the parade is disbanded.

Details about our route and stops