Responsibilities of Ladies and Gentlemen in the Maid’s service

  • Costume as befits a medieval noble lady, lord or knight.  (Costume Guide) Layer underneath for warmth.  No modern coats, purses or bags on top of your costume. Medieval-ish baskets, bags, cloaks, furs and shawls are welcome to top off your costume.
  • Report for duty by 5 p.m. sharp at the Natchez Pavilion on the river near Toulouse and Decatur. 4:30 is better!
  • Behave with courtly decorum and avoid lewdness during the parade. Respect that we are working with the St. Louis Cathedral and this is a genuine saint procession for many participants.
  • The Maid will provide throws for you to distribute on her behalf, so additional throws are purely optional. If you wish, you may purchase throws from the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc (almost sold out) to distribute your noble largesse or make or buy your own throws. But the Maid will have throws for you and this is a walking parade so you don’t want to be burdened down with too many throws.
  • Feel free to browse our website to learn more about Joan of Arc and our parade, and you are welcome to attend other krewe events.