Queen’s Entourage Summons 2022

Her Royal Majesty Queen Ti Adelaide Martin requests the honor of your Presence in her entourage for the Joan of Arc parade on Twelfth Night, the sixth of January in the year of our Lord 2022.

In recognition of her contribution to New Orleans and beyond through her lifelong hospitality service at the legendary Commander’s Palace restaurant — in itself a queen of the New Orleans culinary industry — and as a business owner and mentor to other professional women, the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc has named Ti Adelaide Martin to portray Queen Yolande in its 2022 parade.  By special invitation of the Queen, you’ve been invited to accompany her!   

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Yolande card front smallThe world of Joan of Arc — 1400s France — was a man’s world, yet the young Joan managed to lead French troops to throw out the English occupiers.  Her work wouldn’t have been possible without another strong woman ahead of her time, Yolande of Aragon, Duchess of Anjou, Countess of Provence, Queen of Four Kingdoms, and mother-in-law of King Charles VII.  One of the most respected political leaders of her time and a trusted adviser of King Charles VII, she urged the King to accept Joan’s leadership and financed Joan’s army.  Each year in her honor the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc selects a strong female community leader who mentors and empowers other women to portray Yolande’s character in our parade.