Donor Memberships Application

Thank you! May Joan shower blessings upon you!

All donor memberships include an individual plus companion parading membership (except the yeoman and patron party non-parading memberships), plus extra funds to support the parade and other krewe programming.  Membership is non-refundable.*

$250 small-apply-button

Cavalry: Improved mobility multiplied the fighting power of even the smallest forces from the earliest times



Nobility: In medieval times, nobles funded, trained and provided forces to support each other according to negotiated alliances. A monarch was considered a king among kings, the equal of his fellow nobles or “members of the peerage.” This includes a couples membership and additional funds to support krewe activities or a special project.


Patron Saint: Work with leaders to identify a special project which we will name as sponsored by you (if you like).  This includes a couples membership with the focus on donating to support the parade and other krewe programming. 


Yeoman (NON-PARADING Membership): In medieval times, small landholders had the option of fighting for their lord themselves or sending a yeoman to fight in their place. This membership is for people who can’t parade with us, but still want to support our work.


Patron Party Package (NON-PARADING Membership): Here’s a non-parading membership package individuals or businesses hosting watch parties along the parade route!  You get a patron banner, medieval party planning kit, and some signature throws for your party.

If you just want to donate, and already have or don’t need a membership, you can use this button to specify your own donation amount.

Really we want to be sure you fill out the application small-apply-button, because it includes our photo directory information and our required liability release forms, but here’s a link directly to the payment page just in case. The Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc is a 501c7 nonprofit organization (social club, not tax deductible).