Foot Soldier Membership (FREE, volunteer)

Foot Soldier Members. (FREE, volunteers) Our Foot Soldier members handle functional parade basics, such as carrying banners or providing security at the sides of the parade. It’s fun work, but these volunteers are too busy to hand out throws. They are provided with simple medieval costumes that keep the crowd’s focus on the main characters, and a specific job assignment for parade night. Foot Soldiers ARE  members and ARE included along with paying members for most of the parade night festivities and year-round events, so it’s not all work! BUT, if you’d rather choose your own costume and hand out throws, you need a full “officer” membership. Foot soldiers may sign up with friends and may request to be assigned to parade tasks near fellow foot soldier friends or full member friends. We do our best to keep friends together but ultimately the foot soldier’s job is to go where needed. 

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Pre-approved performance groups: sign up here! (Skinz-N-Bonez, Chorus Girls, Muff-a-Lottas, Amazons). You are performance groups, not foot soldiers.