Donor Memberships

Thank you! May Joan shower blessings upon you!

All donor memberships include a couples parading membership (except the yeoman and patron party non-parading memberships), plus extra funds to support the parade and other krewe programming. Membership prices increase annually on Joan’s Feast Day, May 30, on All Saints Day, Nov. 1, and Dec. 1. Between December 1 and January 6, only donor memberships are available.  Membership is non-refundable.* 


Cavalry: Improved mobility multiplied the fighting power of even the smallest forces from the earliest times


Brigadier: Brigadiers were the heads of brigades, or small, task-specific teams


Nobility: In medieval times, nobles funded, trained and provided forces to support each other according to negotiated alliances. A monarch was considered a king among kings, the equal of his fellow nobles or “members of the peerage.” This includes a couples membership and additional funds to support krewe activities or a special project.


Patron Saint: Work with leaders to identify a special project which we will name as sponsored by you (if you like).  This includes a couples membership with the focus on donating to support the parade and other krewe programming. 


Yeoman (Individual NON-PARADING): In medieval times, small landholders had the option of fighting for their lord themselves or sending a yeoman to fight in their place. This membership is for people who can’t parade with us, but still want to support our work.


Patron Party Package (NON-PARADING): Here’s a non-parading membership package for our biggest fans as well as individuals or businesses hosting watch parties along the parade route! 

If you just want to donate, and already have or don’t need a membership, you can use this button to specify your own donation amount.