2021 Plans

13th Annual Joan of Arc Celebration

WEDNESDAY January 6, 2021, 7 p.m. 

Joyeux Anniversaire, Jeanne d’Arc!

Celebrating St. Joan of Arc’s birthday and Twelfth Night,  our usual pre-COVID event is a medieval-themed theatrical procession, inspired by Joan’s time in 1400s France.  Joan of Arc liberated the citizens of Orleans, France, from a British siege in her first victory in 1429—resulting in her moniker “The Maid of Orleans.” We honor our own unofficial patron saint, The Maid of New Orleans: the beloved  golden French Quarter statue, a gift to the City of New Orleans from France in the 1950s, and our French history and heritage. For 2021, due to coronavirus restrictions, we are committed to doing some type of public celebration but adapting it for these times.  We are also committed to keeping krewe members and the public safe and to respecting city and state coronavirus guidelines.  Our plans for our 2021 celebration are still in development and we are not ready to announce anything specific.