Your invitation from France:

French flag with coat of arms of Orléans, France, in the center (three fleur de lis across the top and 3 hearts of lilies in the center representing Orléans as the heart of France)

Invitation from our French sister city association:

Chers amis de La Nouvelle OrléansOrléans Wichita New Orleans is a French organization located in Orléans, your new sister city in France, and dedicated in enhancing and strengthening relationships between citizens of both cities. It is with great pleasure that our members invite you to come visit us and see our Joan of Arc Spring Festival which will occur between April 29 and May 8. We are thrilled to make new connections with American citizens from NOLA and their organizations such as the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc and we are ready to greet you in our homes and families for you to experience the French “art de vivre” in one of the most beautiful Loire Valley cities!  A très bientôt! 

Photo Laurent Doisneau-HerryLaurent Doisneau-Herry

President, Orléans Wichita New Orleans sister city association



Krewe members Amy Kirk Duvoisin, Antoinette de Alteriis, Amanda Helm, Carol Lynch, Richard and Judy Helm, and Anne Lousteau are heading to the festival and will be part of the French Joan of Arc parade May 8!

Photo of the Orléans medieval Joan of Arc parade with the Orléans cathedral in the background