Full Membership Payment Page

Regular full membership is now open for the 2019 parade. Regular full membership has price increases on May 30 (Joan’s Feast Day) and Nov. 1 (All Saints Day), and will close on Dec. 1.

Donor levels: Add a little lagniappe to support our parade and related cultural and educational events. All donor levels include a couples parading membership.


Avant-garde Individuals: (Single Adult Membership) Note: The name comes from one of the divisions of an army of the 14th century. An army of the time was arrayed in three “battles” or divisions, the avant-garde (or forward guard), bataille (or main army) and arriere-garde (the equivalent of the modern reserve).


Bataille Couples: Includes two adults age 18 and above, who SHARE a membership certificate, included throws, photo directory entry, etc.


Squire and Page: Student above the age of 18. Please email us a copy of your student ID.


Peasant Kids: For all children 17 years to 6 years old. Must be accompanied by a full member adult / guardian at the parade. Children must be at least six years old to participate in the parade.


Yeoman: Non-parading membership — if you can’t parade this year but you still want to support us. (In medieval times small landholders could either serve military duty themselves or pay a tax to have a professional soldier serve on their behalf.)


Character Membership: Work with krewe leaders to portray a specific character in the parade. Includes a set of either custom doubloons or custom playing cards to represent your individual character, designed by Amanda Helm. Does not include costume. You can also get a regular membership now and add the custom doubloons or playing cards anytime until Oct. 1, but this package is a $50 savings over the cost of an individual membership and custom doubloons or playing cards purchased separately.


Orléans Sister City Membership: Your Orléans sister city membership supports endeavors that further the exchange of culture awareness leading to a positive and supportive relationship and mutual appreciation of our individual traditions. The Orléans Sister City association will have its own events and e-newsletter. CLICK HERE to add a Sister City membership to your shopping cart. You can purchase a Krewe membership, Sister City membership or both.

If you’re seeing this page, we hope you’ve already filled out the application. Here’s the link just in case: small-apply-button The Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc is a 501c7 nonprofit organization (social club, not tax deductible).