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OK people, I had tried last year to choreograph a fight song dance, complete with sword, for the parade...and in the end I left it to the exuberant and talented The MuffALottas to do the honors, thank god. They danced to this song all the way down the route!! But NOW, I truly think that we could learn THIS routine as it's nice and simple "made for kids" and have fun doing this w/ swords at something...not the parade persay, but....somewhere, sometime...the Salon maybe? Hmmm. Just try it. If nothing it's a great way to begin your day. I highly recommend you grab a sword or put on a piece of armor and do it!! #fightingjoanssong #thisismyfightsongtakebackmyrightsong #whatwouldjoando #dancingjoansvisionGet movin' with Ashlynn & Grant to “Fight Song”! Then, show us how YOU stay active by posting a video with the hashtag, #MoveItMarch. Are you a KIDZ BOP fan ... ... See MoreSee Less

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See you tonight, friends old and new!!Krewe Members, Potential Members, Friends and Volunteers:

We'll be meeting up at Mid-City Lanes Rock-N-Bowl for cocktail hour next Tuesday June 27 6 p.m. to 8ish (3016 S. Carrollton). Meet other krewe members, hang out, ask questions, show us what you're working on, bounce ideas. Prospective members, foot soldiers, and full members welcome! RSVP to Antoinette de Alteriis (feel free to show up if you don't RSVP, but it's helpful to have some idea of how big a table we will need).

Our former regular cocktail hour location, Irish House, has closed!
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2 days ago

See you tonight, friends old and new!!

The joy of handmade throws! Human labor!!! We got a lot done tonight--look!! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

The joy of handmade throws! Human labor!!! We got a lot done tonight--look!!

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That was a huge sacrifice someone made to drink all the wine necessary to have all the corks! 😳🤣

Working on our 2018 throws! ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

Working on our 2018 throws!

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I can't wait to see them next year! The wine cork horse is adorable!!!!

Happy to host a great group of krewe members! We got lots done:)

Looks like fun


Very creative...great recycling!

Looks great!


I've got corks, a glue gun and time. Where can I go to join this adult summer camp-for-a-cause?

Very cool

I have garbage bags of corks. Us skinz n bonez make throws with corks, but that horse? I think we are all in agreement there, we will be making these. what are you using for the horse mane and tail?

looks like lion brand quick thick yarn.

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