Tableaux de Jeanne d’Arc 2021: Tableaux Tips and Resources

Printable site map of our Tableaux location, Behrman Memorial Park

Buy your tickets to drive by and view the Tableaux here

Captain’s Address: Co-Captains Antoinette de Alteriis and Amanda Helm reflect on the year, the board’s decision to go with the Tableaux drive-by live performance event, and the creative opportunities for members to get involved. (video)

Tableaux in-person participation is FULL and CLOSED.  We are capped at 100 participants.  We really wish we could include more but we can’t.

Each and every single person who will be getting out of the car at the Tableaux must complete this required COVID training by January 4. 

It’s a series of instructions followed by true/false questions to confirm your understanding, and it also includes a lot of important logistical details like parking and check-in.

Amazon Wishlist with lighting recommendations — buy and have it sent to us, or buy it for yourself to use in the Tableaux and keep after, or just get ideas. LIGHTING IS OUR BIGGEST CHALLENGE!  

Help with our pre-tableau appetizers!  

We know our fans will spend 30-40 minutes waiting in the car line to see our drive-by event.  We want to start the fun early with an assortment of edutainment audio and video snippets and a live quiz game they can play on their phones against the people in the other cars. 

Tips:  Insect repellant would be a good idea!

New Orleans first drive-by parade: Krewe of Krampus “Krampus Lane” Dec. 5

Check out the article on the “Krampus Lane” success, and you can cycle through the photo gallery at the top to see some different ideas for how krewe members decorated their space.  Read these Facebook comments to see reactions from “Krampus Lane” viewers, who purchased advance tickets for $10 per car and waited in line 40 minutes. The 400 tickets sold out several days before the event, and most cars had 3-5 people.  Rafael’s video of Krampus Lane