Logo Downloads

Download these high resolution logos to use for costumes and throws. Just choose the version that best fits your project — stencil, appliqué, embroidery, printing on paper…… Most styles are available in .png, .jpg and .eps (vector) formats. .png files have a transparent (not white) background.

Krewe de Jeanne d'Arc shield logo png

7″ .png
2000 x 2321 pixels

7" .jpg2000 x 2321 pixels

7″ .jpg
2000 x 2321 pixels

Color logo illustration version

9″ .png
2400 x 2734 pixels

Illustrated color logo

9″ .jpg
2400 x 2734 pixels

Logo black and white

9″ .png
2400 x 2734 pixels

Krewe logo bw large

9″ .jpg
2400 x 2734

Simple outline coloring book version

Coloring book .jpg

Thick-lined coloring book version

Thick outline .jpg

No-text logo white on black

Solid black .png

No-text white on black jpg

Solid black .jpg

No-text Solid white .png

Solid white .png

no-text solid black on white jpg

Solid white .jpg

Illustrated color logo vector version


Krewe logo bw vector

Vector image

No-text version Vector

Solid black on white vector

10th Anniversary logo, color, 1.8MB jpg

10th anniversary logo, color, 456k jpg

10th Logo, 1916×2286 .png

10th logo, 1916×2286 .jpg

10th anniversary logo 1.4MB .jpg

10th anniversary logo 1.3 mb .png

Joan of Arc icon with soldier's prayer "I pray that I may be as bold in my beliefs as you, St. Joan. I ask that you ride along beside me in my own battles. Amen." GLBT saints, Jesusinlove.org

Downloadable soldier’s prayer