100 Angels Plans

Welcome to the 100 Angels!

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the official canonization of Saint Joan of Arc, the medieval teenager who broke the gender and social class barriers of her time to save France, the Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc is inviting 100 local young people to parade with us free on Monday January 6.  The same age Joan was when she was a leader, these 16-19 year olds will be costumed as angels, representing Saint Joan among the saints in heaven while simultaneously providing a striking vision of today’s youth and the shining future they (unlike Joan) will live to bring about.

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Costume Guide

  • The “Angels” will need to provide their own outfits, all in the color white.  
  • Each angel can show individuality in their choice of white clothing.
  • Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc will provide matching wings and halos to visually unite the group. These accessories will turn any white outfit into a costume.
  • Your outfit needs to be WARM and family friendly.
  • Medieval-inspired outfits are welcome, since the Joan of Arc parade is set in Joan’s time, 1400s France. Knights are welcome too, since Joan was a knight — as long as the knight costume is white. Traditional biblical angels in flowing robes are welcome too.
  • Angels can also wear dressy white shirts, blouses, sweaters, suits, pants, skirts, dresses etc. that you may already own.  With the wings and halo the krewe will provide and the mass effect of 100 other angels, even seemingly ordinary white clothing will create a striking visual effect.  There’s no requirement to spend a lot of money on a costume.
  • Our young angels are also welcome to dress to represent the way in which you plan to be an angel to the world, such as a white lab coat for a future scientist.
  • Need Ideas? Here’s a Pinterest page with a lot of affordable white clothing and costumes.  Click to buy or just get ideas. Most of the Pinterest links are under $30; some are under $15.
  • It’s OK if your shoes aren’t white.
  • Keep warm.  Your white outfit needs to be on top. Layer underneath for warmth and/or plan for a white coat on top.  Angels may not wear ordinary or colored coats on top of your “costume.” White coats, sweaters, boas, scarves and shawls are fine. It’s typically about 40 degrees for our January 6 parade, which is comfortable if you’re dressed for it.
  • No purse either!  Plan for a white purse or plan to keep your personal items in pockets. The parade is very short (1.2 miles, 90 minutes including stops), so there’s no need to carry a lot of supplies.

Other Details

  • The Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc will be hosting some workshops to make the halos for the 100 angels, and the 100 angels will be invited to help make their own and others’ halos.
  • School and church groups planning to participate in the 100 Angels project together can arrange for a Krewe de Jeanne d’Arc member artist to visit your school or church group to lead a workshop to make your group’s halos, materials provided (Request a workshop)
  • Wings and halos can be picked up at the Krewe New Year’s Day workshop. More pick-up dates to be announced. Wings and halos are to be returned to the props truck in the line-up parking lot after the parade.
  • Line-up at 5:30 p.m. Here’s the parade route and starting location.
  • Parents and teachers are welcome to accompany the 100 Angels by signing up as “foot soldiers” to walk security or carry banners in the 100 Angels section of the parade.  Costume provided for foot soldiers. List 100 Angels at the end of the application when it asks who you want to be assigned with. 
  • Young women ages 16-19 who speak or study French and demonstrate leadership may want to consider applying to be the star of the Joan of Arc parade as our 2020 Maid of Honor portraying the Joan of Arc on horseback.  Apply here, deadline Nov. 15.